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* Super compact size
* Low power consumption
* MMIC solution, highly integrated
* Comply with CE/FCC EMC regulation
* FM-FM modulation & demodulation scheme
* No external audio circuit needed
* 7 channels by PLL synthesizer
* High Tx power up to 20dBm

Why 5.8GHz senders are better?

5.8GHz is perfect for those who encounter interference with standard 2.4GHz video senders, due to microwaves, wireless CCTV, wireless internet and Bluetooth devices.

Because 5.8GHz is a relatively unused band by wireless devices it can largely avoid the signal problems with 2.4GHz wireless video may encounter - especially if you share a house or live in close proximity to your neighbors.

Channel Frequency
CH1: 5470MHz
CH2: 5760MHz
CH3: 5780MHz
CH4: 5800MHz
CH5: 5820MHz
CH6: 5840MHz
CH7: 5860MHz