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* Low cost/high performance wireless audio
  · Wireless Surround Rear Speakers
  · High Performance Digital Audio Link
  · Wireless Headphone/Earphone
  · Wireless USB Transmitter
  · Wireless Skype phone
* Highly robust FEC
* FCC CFR47, Part 15, ETSI EN300 328, EN300 440 and ARIB STD-T-66 compliant radio

Channel Frequency
CH1 : 2401.920MHz
CH2 : 2412.288MHz
CH3 : 2422.656MHz
CH4 : 2433.024MHz
CH5 : 2448.576MHz
CH6 : 2458.944MHz
CH7 : 2468.312MHz
CH8 : 2479.680MHz

Model No. with xB: Broadcasting, xP: Pairing

Please select the "Broadcasting Version" or "Pairing Version" when order the 2.4GHz module

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