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Picture of Digital Audio RF Module for Model No AWD618T

* Low Cost/High Performance Wireless Audio
 - Wireless Surround Rear Speakers
 - High Performance Digital Audio Link
 - Wireless Headphone/Earphone
 - Wireless USB Transmitter
 - Wireless Skype Phone
* Highly robust FEC
* FCC CFR47, Part 15, ETSI EN300 328, EN300 440 and ARIB STD-T-66 Compliant Radio

The RF module transmitter employed GFSK modulation to deliver high-speed data rate up to 2Mbps.
The RF module receiver with íV89dBm or better sensitivity allows system to achieve at least 300 feet transmission for line-of-sight application in open site.


2.4GHz ISM
Highly Robust Forward Error Correction (FEC)
4 hopping sequences (RF channels)
ID codes to provide TX / RX pairing
Auto channel scanning mechanism provided
Low Power Consumption
No RF induced audio noise
Programmable delay time 20ms/55ms
Robust Packet error correction
No RF induced audio noise
Ready to go reference system
USB and analog dual audio input
RF frequency hopping in 34 channels