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Picture of Digital Audio RF Module for Model No AWD620

* Low Cost/High Performance Wireless Audio
 - Wireless Surround Rear Speakers
 - High Performance Digital Audio Link
 - Wireless Headphone/Earphone
 - Wireless USB Transmitter
 - Wireless Skype Phone
* Highly robust FEC
* FCC CFR47, Part 15, ETSI EN300 328, EN300 440 and ARIB STD-T-66 Compliant Radio

The RF module transmitter employed GFSK modulation to deliver high-speed data rate up to 2Mbps.
The RF module receiver with íV89dBm or better sensitivity allows system to achieve at least 300 feet transmission for line-of-sight application in open site.


2.4GHz ISM
Highly Robust Forward Error Correction (FEC)
34 frequency channels
ID codes to provide TX / RX pairing
Auto channel scanning mechanism provided
Low Power Consumption
No RF induced audio noise
Robust Packet error correction
USB and analog dual audio input
RF frequency hopping in 34 channels
Programmable end-to-end audio latencys