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32-bit MCU, 160MHz, 8KB memory cache
Wireless full 5GHz frequency band transmission (5.15~5.82GHz)
Support 802.11a/n
Up to 55 meters clear L.O.S transmission range.
Two omnidirectional 4dBi antennas for both transmitter and receiver.
Full HD 1920x1080 @ 30fps video resolution.
Up to 2M pixel still image resolution.
Scalar resolution up to 2048x2048.
Stereo or 7.1 channels surround audio.
Transmit audio & video from HDTV sources through Wi-Fi to your TV.
IR remote control for video source from receiver side.
Supports ACíŽ97 controller for audio
Optional loop through HDTV output port on transmitter.
PAL & NTSC compatible.

Picture of Wireless HDTV Link Picture of AWP311

This 5GHz Wireless HDTV Link adopts 802.11 and two high performance omnidirectional antennas to improve the reception range. It consists of one transmitter and one receiver. This device transmits vivid Full HD video and Hi-Fi stereo or surround sound from your Blue-Ray player, DVD, PC, NB, Satellite Receiver or Set-top box to HDTV or monitor equipped with HDTV input ports.

As to the transmission capability, the signal can go up to 55 meters clear line-of -sight and even penetrate through walls. With the built-in IR remote extender, it allows the user to remotely control the audio/video sources from the receiver side in the other rooms.

Further, with full 5GHz frequency band transmission capability, there will be no more annoying interference problem bothering you. All these advanced features will make your home life amazingly convenient and joyful.